About Us


Who are we
and why we’re here

We are a team of three strong-minded women who run their own boutique jewelry brand. We were lucky enough to be raised by a mother who appreciates beauty – and now we get to work together. Our mother, Galia, is the mind, heart and hands behind Galush. With over 30 years of experience, she brings her vitality, fem energy and infinite style into her work every time. Galush believes that classic beauty lasts forever, and indulgence should be a part of daily life – it’s up to us to design our own take. 

Creating together as a family, as a team – and as creative and lively women, means the world to us. Our motivation is to make you feel the same: strong, confident, adored, a leader. We all wear Galush jewelry every day and know every piece. Together, we work to create fresh, high-end, daily luxury pieces that outgrow trends and never grow old – to give you the best experience, from initial browsing to finally finding your dream piece. 

Our brand promotes what we call chic simplicity, through comfortable, body-loving designs, that fit all and will grace your get-up in every hour of the day. Some pieces are sculpted with a handmade wax mold, and some are cut and filed – all made from the best materials for maximum comfort and durability.

When choosing to upgrade your garb with us, you choose quality and uniqueness. You choose to stand out and follow your heart and your standards, and we care for these so much. Come on in, look around and feel your way.